Constance Ockleman

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Tiny and buxom with long,blonde hair falling provacatively over her right eye, young Veronica gained instant notoriety as the girl with the “peek-a-boo” bang. Starring in films such as The Glass Key, This Gun for Hire, Sullivan’s Travels and later Saigon. She lit up the silver screen while American women were “letting down their hair” and brushing it over their faces in copycat hairdos across the nation

Where are they now?

Following the inevitable wane in her popularity, divorced and bankrupt Veronica left Hollywood in 1951(with 3 small children in tow) and attempted a new career in summerstock and dinner theatre productions. Completely broke and unemployable by 1962 Veronica was “discovered” working in a Manhattan cocktail lounge and living alone in a $7 a night hotel. Various “comeback” attempts failed (along with 2 additional marriages) leaving the one-time glamour girl living in squalor and alcholism. She died of liver disease in 1973. She was barely 51 years old.


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