Corey Feldman

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A.k.a. Kinky Finkelstein, was the little blonde haired kid in the movies: The Goonies , The Lost Boys, Friday the Thirteenth a new beginning.
He also divorced his parents and got 1 million dollars that he spent on drugs.

Where are they now?

Doing small time acting on D list movies. He had a small role on Dikie Roberts former child star. Also was on the comedy/reality show the surreal life with other dim stars like Webster and Brande Roderick.

3 responses to “Corey Feldman”

  1. Plays in Band says:

    has a band called Truth Movement

  2. susie says:

    Starred in 2008 new version of “The Lost Boys: The Tribe”

  3. Cellogirl says:

    Corey and his wife, Susy, were married in 2002 and welcomed a son, Zen, in 2004.

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