Cynthia Rothrock

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“Rothrock, national gung fu forms champion in the 1980’s, parlayed a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial into martial arts movie stardom. She was doing Hong Kong movies before Hong Kong movies were cool; before Hollywood caught on to the killer action of John Woo, Tsui Hark, and Sammo Hung. Partnered with Bond Girl Michelle Yeoh in her first film Yes Madam, Rothrock went on to make more than 30 action films. ” –James Hom

Where are they now?

“Rothrock, who recently (8 March) celebrated her birthday, took a hiatus from film work to go on the mommy track. After averaging almost 2 films per year, that must have been a long-awaited break. I’m sure we’ll see more great fighting scenes from “The Rock” in future years.” –James Hom

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