Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar

Real Name: Danica McKellar
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Posted Date: 2004-12-20
Last Modified: 2019-12-17

Danica McKellar’s claim to fame was her role as Winnie Cooper on the popular 80’s hit show, The Wonder Years.

What happened to:

Since the show ended in 1993 she graduated from university with a BA in mathematics and has had an academic article published in Britain’s Journal of Physics.
She testified in front of the Congressional Subcommittee on Technology on the importance of women in the sciences.

McKellar can also be found writing screenplays for short stories. Using screenplay software that she received as a graduation gift from Wonder Years co-star Dan Lauria, she wrote a 20-page script called Speechless, a film about the love affair between a speech-impaired student and a graduate psychology student.

With the help of her manager, McKellar managed to get some financing and put a cast together that included actor Wil Wheaton and actor Dan Lauria.

She also started her own production company to handle the making of the half-hour film. She is hoping to raise enough money to make a feature-length movie of the script.

McKellar also lept acting, having played a variety of different roles in a number of independent films.


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Danica McKellar