Danielle Brisebois

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Stephanie “Steffi” Mills of All In the Family and Archie Bunker’s Place – Archie’s little niece.

Where are they now?

Danielle is mostly a singer. She sings and writes songs with longtime collabarator Gregg Alexander. Danielle also sings backup for his group the New Radicals.
Danielle has done 2 cds and awhile ago did an interview on a VH1 childstars show. She has chamelon hair (that is always changing color). I believe Danielle is single and lives on both coasts and possibly Paris as well.


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4 responses to “Danielle Brisebois”

  1. Marilynn Smith says:

    i remember her in Phil Blacks dance class when she was 5 years old. She was the littlest orphan in Annie.

  2. Carole Stolzman says:

    I remember Danielle on All in the family and enjoy seeing her on the reruns.
    She has a lovely voice too. I am sure she is a wonder lady.

  3. UJ says:

    I remember when she first came to AITF. “Edith” was still alive then.
    Not sure if this was her first episode but she was stealing things and Archie almost spanked her but Edith stopped him

  4. Jim says:

    Wow! a charming lady she turned out to be and just love her video and singing.
    The best wishes to her.

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