Daryl Hannah

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Daryl Hannah was arguably the 80’s bombshell. No one could forget the torn fishnets and precocious sexuality of ‘basic pleasure model” Pris in, ‘Blade Runner’, or how she could manage to make a fish tail sexy in ‘Splash’.

Where are they now?

Of her recent roles, memorable roles was a the one-eyed assassin, Elle Driver, in ‘Kill Bill’. Her performances in ‘Speedway Junky’, ‘Northfork’, the ‘Blue Iguana’, ‘Casa de los Babys’, and ‘Silver City’, have been described by some as a comeback. Hannah feels she may have been blacklisted in Hollywood early in her career as a result of her Asperger syndrome which left her unable to do film promotion.Hannah is a political activist; she was even arrested for her involvement with over 350 farmers, their families and supporters, confronting authorities trying to bulldoze the nation’s largest urban farm in South Central Los Angeles.



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