David Cassidy

David Cassidy

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Posted Date: 2003-10-04
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David Cassidy was a teen idol, played Keith Partridge which attained success as both a television sitcom and as a pop music group. Hits such as I Think I Love You hit #1 for three weeks in 1970.

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He “retired” from the Partidges in 1974. Became interested in throroughbred horses, married actress Kay Lenz in 1977, divorced in 1982. Did live theatre in the 80’s, moved to England in 1984, married wife #2 (Meryl Tanz) which lasted for 2 years. Been doing broadway productions and live theatre since, married wife number 3 Sue Shifrin in 1991, they have a son Beau Devin Cassidy. Today they live in Las Vegas, he wrote an autobiography C’Mon, Get Happy…October 2004: David Cassidy, with wife and kid, left Las Vegas and lives in Fort Lauderdale Fla now. Last year he was Grand Marshall of the annual boat parade in December.


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David Cassidy