David Ogden Stiers

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The uptight tentmate in M*A*S*H, conservative, dour, funny as hell.

Where are they now?

Apparently, he did not do the voice of one of the characters in Toy Story 2 as reported in the “where are they now page” cited below. He is credited at IMDB as doing the voice of Dr. Jumba in a few of the Lilo & Stitch movies. He spends a lot of time conducting Orchestras. He has a recurring role on the new TV series The Dead Zone Reader Vic Kappel informs us he also does voice over work for computer games including Icewind Dales and also supplied us with a HUGE listing of all his later work, and the link to the unofficial website, see references below.

3 responses to “David Ogden Stiers”

  1. Colfer says:

    David and I talk to each other every saterday.

  2. maartn says:

    I see David Ogden-Stiers many times around Waldport , Oregon, as he has a home on the coast and is very quiet and private

  3. weht says:

    He’s been in Stargate Atlantis and Oberon, the leader of the human form replicators

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