Dayle Haddon

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Beautiful Canadian-born brunette was a top model and ballet dancer in her native country before catching the American public’s eye in the 1970s with memorable roles as Jan-Michael Vincent’s love interest in the World’s Greatest Athlete and later as Nick Nolte’s girlfriend in North Dallas Forty. However,Dayle made every effort to off-set her wholesome image by making soft-core porn flicks in Europe, doing a Playboy centerfold and appearing as the famous “lady robot” in the futuristic action film Cyborg.

Where are they now?

Marital and financial woes ended Dayle’s career in Hollywood in the 1990s. Living in near poverty and obscurity Dayle eventually forged out a new career working for women’s cosmetics. Dayle Haddon now own’s her own cosmetic company and serves as an international spokesperson for Clairol, Estee Lauder and Revlon.


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