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OHW: “Groove is in the Heart”, 1990. Very big, very catchy hit, Deee-lite was a quirky dance band who was often mistakenly believed to be the stage name of the singer, Lady Kier. Evidence of this misconception was had in the mid-90’s when the “Deee-lite died of a heroin overdose” UL made the rounds through the public consiousness. Funk icon Bootsy Collins held up the bass end in this ensemble

Where are they now?

Lady Keir still spins as a Dj and according to her web site will release “eclectic vinyl” in 2001. She also has a “parallel career” (a.k.a “day job”) in computer graphics and designs album covers.

In July 2003 Lady Kier filed a lawsuit against Sega, claiming a character in one of their video games was based on her persona and used without permission.


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  1. dont fail deeelite i llllllllllllove groove is in says:

    I love groove is in the heart

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