Donna Douglas

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A real-life “country-girl” from Lousiana with a genuine love of animals rose to fame with her sincere portrayal of the animal-loving, hillbilly girl Elly Mae on the long running TV series the Beverly Hillbillies.

Where are they now?

Donna did a few guest spots throughout the 1970s and even attempted a career as a gospel-country singer. But her claim to fame rested in reruns and reunions of “the Beverly Hillbillies” Donna resides in Los Angeles working in real estate and as a spokeswoman for animal rights.


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5 responses to “Donna Douglas”

  1. Bob Hydn says:

    Does anyone know how to contact Donna Douglas?
    (address and/or phone number)

  2. Pastor Frank Orzio says:

    PLEASE Let Ms.DONNA Know I said Hi!..I Was a Postal Supervisor for 25 of a 30 year Career in Huntington Beach California and Personally Served Donna so She Wouldn’t have to Wait in Line. I Also was a Combat Marine Suffering from P.T.S.D, Where Ms. Donna Introduced Me into Prayer and a Relationship with God..Divorcing, then Becoming a Pastor leaving the Postal Service, I Founded the ‘WOUNDED WARRIOR MINISTRY’ With My New Wife,.Ms. Donna had Moved away from California, losing touch with Me..Please let Her know What She did for Me, I Am FOREVER GRATEFUL that She Saved My Soul! Pastor Frank Orzio E-MAIL I am also on Facebook!

  3. Moneque lewis says:

    I would love to her how she is doing. She was very good friends with my great uncle Claude Parrish. I saw and spoke to her in 1988 at his funeral. Please tell her I think of her so often and still cherish the picture we took together at the Parrish Railey reunion. I have a Facebook page, Moneque Townsend in North Little Rock Ar. Thank you for your time

  4. bgaentertainment says:

    I am Donna’s agent and just thought I would correct your infomation on her.

    Donna lives near Baton Rouge LA and is very active traveling the globe.

    She never really worked much as a realtor it was something she got just in case fame went as fast as it came.

    In her 70’s Donna is still very active and in great health.

  5. weht says:

    She now leads a quiet life in the area between Baton Rouge and Zachary Louisiana.

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