Donna Rice

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Donna Rice is the woman Gary Hart was having an affair with in 1988 when he was considered “a lock” for the Democtratic nomination for the presidency.

This picture ended all that.

Where are they now?

She did a bit of modeling (No Excuses jeans, Life magazine in a bathing suit) and did a bit of acting (apparently in a play written by Czech president Vaclav Havel).

Then she married a computer geek she met on the internet, becoming Donna Rice Hughes, and a born again Christian. Between 1994-1999 she was vice-president of Enough is Enough, an organization attempting to “make the internet safe for children”. She is the author of Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace and now operates the website.

Gary Hart, in the meanwhile, is being bandied about as a potential candidate for the 2004 Democratic nomination. Since Bill Clinton, Hart’s transgressions are now considered lightweight.


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4 responses to “Donna Rice”

  1. Paul Thompson says:

    I think everyone has forgiveness with God and so does she.
    We all need forgiveness for our past no one is exempt
    judge and you shall be judged by your own measure

  2. says:

    SHe has done a bit more acting then what you listed.. She did some TV including an episode of Miami Vice as well as a soap opera and appeared in a movie.

  3. says:

    May G-d hear your prayers.

  4. tecton47 says:

    It must be nice to be a woman of questionable morals, guys would LOVE to be able to sleep with someone famous and then make a ton of money off of the relationship.

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