Eddie Munster

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The wolfboy in the popular 60’s tv show the Munsters

Where are they now?

Butch Patrick now lives in the Los Angeles, CA area (used to live in Florida).
He co-hosts Macabre Theatre with Ivonna Cadaver . The show will be going national in September 2004 and we are planning a national tour from Oct 1 – Nov 1, 2004.

He does not date the woman from Star Date but they are friends. [as previously reported -webmaster]

3 responses to “Eddie Munster”

  1. Rosa Tackett says:

    Miracles do happen, i am wishing a good speedy recovery.

  2. bountyman 33 says:

    Butch Patrick came out a couple months ago saying hes been battling colon cancer since 2011. no word on how its going

  3. cheeky25 says:

    Heard it on wzzo radio that he entered rehab for drug addiction in NJ

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