Elizabeth Hartman

Elizabeth Hartman

Real Name: Elizabeth Hartman
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In the 1964, Hartman was offered a leading role in, ‘A Patch of Blue’, that role won her widespread critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for, ‘Best Actress’. At the time of her nomination in 1966, she was the youngest nominee ever in the Best Actress category. That same year, Hartman received an achievement award from the, ‘National Association of Theater Owners’. She went on to star in three well-received films, ‘The Group’, ‘You’re a Big Boy Now’ and ‘The Beguiled’. In 1975, Hartman starred in the world premiere of Academy and Emmy Awards nominee Tom Rickman’s play, ‘Balaam’. The role as wife of former Sheriff Buford Pusser in ,’Walking Tall’ was followed a decade later by voice work in the 1982’s critically acclaimed animated feature, ‘The Secret of NIMH’, where she voiced the heroine Mrs. Brisby. She was highly praised for her performance as Mrs. Brisby, but it was to be her last Hollywood film role.

What happened to:

Hartman suffered from depression most of her life, in her later years her mental health continued to decline. In 1984, she divorced her husband, screenwriter Gill Dennis, after a five-year separation. In the last few years of her life she gave up acting altogether. She worked at a museum in Pittsburgh while receiving treatment for her condition at an outpatient clinic. On June 10, 1987, Hartman committed suicide by jumping from the window of her fifth floor apartment. Earlier that morning she had reportedly called her psychiatrist saying that she felt down. Hartman was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, in her home town.


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Elizabeth Hartman