Elva Miller

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Elva Miller a.k.a Mrs. Miller spent most of her life trying to be a singer. Despite membership in her church glee club and studying voice in Pomona college poor Elva failed miserably to bring joy to the ears of those who listened to her songs.
However,by the mid-1960s Elva managed to finance a local record company to cut a few of her favorite melodies. This led to the ears of a local manager from Capitol records named Fred Bock. Together Elva and Fred embarked on a trail to “fame & fortune” as Mrs.Miller became the latest sensation on TV variety shows.

Over the next few years Elva played Vegas,toured with the USO in Viet Nam,and recorded 5 albums(mostly covering frenetic and wailing versions of pop standards)

Where are they now?

Elva’s popularity as “the worst rock-n-roll singer of all time” faded during the 70s and Elva settled into a quiet life as a California widow. She passed away in 1997 -at age 89.


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