Emmy Clarke

Emmy Clarke

Real Name: Mary Elizabeth Clarke
A.k.a: Julie Teeger
Category: Show Biz
Submitted by: ej
Posted Date: 2020-12-06
Last Modified: 2023-05-15

She is an American actress who has starred in films such as “My House in Umbria” in 2003, and “Trouble Dolls” in 2014. She is most know for her role in “Monk” from 2005-2009 as Julie Teeger.

What happened to: Julie Teeger

After her role as Julie in Monk ended, she went to Fordham University and got a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies. She began her career as a marketer for a photo-sharing application and then became a media planner for a boutique ad agency in New York’s Silicon Alley.

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Emmy Clarke