Gang of Four

Gang of Four

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A.k.a: Gang of Four
Submitted by: Bob Sacamano
Posted Date: 2005-12-12
Last Modified: 2019-12-19

Gang of Four was a postpunk band that wedded Marxist theory in their lyrics to James Brown-inspired funk mixed with punk attitude.
Their debut album Entertainment! consistently ranks among the top five punk albums of all time and the top one-hundred rock albums of all time.

After two original members left and various other personnel changes, Gang of Four broke up after their fourth album Hard.

What happened to: Gang of Four

The band regrouped in various forms, but always with original guitarist Andy Gill and original vocalist Jon King to put out two albums in the late 80s/early 90, Mall and Shrinkwrapped.
Still politically vehement in their lyrical contents, the new sound was rougher and more guitar-dominated than their original stuff.

In 2005 all four original members reunited for a concert tour and plan to record a new album.


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Gang of Four