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National attention focused on Los Angeles Children’s Hospitalin Nov 1970 following the discovery of a tiny, mute, 13-year-old girl who’d been kept in isolation by her elderly, abusive father for over 11 years. Tied to a small “potty-chair” during the day and locked into a “chicken-coop” crib by night. The emaciated,diapered girl became the focus of a team of scientists determined to rehabilitate,study,and ultimately “normalize” her while exploring the known theories of brain and language devolopment!

Where are they now?

Named “Genie”by the scientists and fostered by one of her doctors the child became the target of warring professionals who were unwittingly locked in on-going battles to prove their own theories and make fame for themselves. However, young “Genie” eventually plateaued in her rehabilitation and was returned to the care of her aging and embittered mother in 1975. Unable to care for her adult child the mother placed “Genie” into a series of care homes for the mentally retarded and the girl regressed substantially. A lawsuit filed by “Genie’s” mother in 1978 ended all contact with the scientists and doctors who’d grown to love her. Although the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed in 1984 “Genie” has remained out of contact with her former team. “Genie” now resides in a small group-home for mentally retarded women and is reportedly doing “reasonably well under the circumstances”


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