George Teague

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the man, the myth, the legend, George Teague is most widely remembered for his hit, as the Free Safety of the Dallas Cowboys in the 2000 season, on Terrel Owens, wide receiver of the 49ers, when Owens attempted to show up the Cowboys by running to the middle of Texas Stadium and standing in the star after scoring a touchdown. Teague knocked over Owens and was ejected from the game. What a guy…

Where are they now?

Originally posted by a user askng where he is now. Reader Rad Dodson reports he now coaches linebackers for the Cleveland Browns. Looks like he also doing some sort of long distance/wireless/satellite TV endorsements as well (see What’s Related).
Update Apr/04: Now head football coach at Harvest Christian High School in Dallas, Texas.

2 responses to “George Teague”

  1. He's now the AD and head football coach at Shelton says:

    He’s now the AD and head football coach at Shelton highschool

  2. unknown says:

    Now Head coach at Carrollton Christian Academy.

    November 2008

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