Guy Lafleur

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Montreal Canadians right-winger, was Montreal’s first round draft pick (and first overall) in 1971. It turned out to be a good one, Guy became the first player in NHL history to score 50 goals in a season 6 seasons in a row. in 77-78 he scored 60. Career-wise he got 568 regular season goals and 793 assists and won the Stanley Cup 5 times with the Habs. He is one of the few athletes of this calibre (possibly the only one) who was a chain-smoker.
Guy was elected into Hall of Fame – 1988

Where are they now?

After a 3 season come back at 38 in 1988 and played a season with the New York Rangers and then two more with the Quebec Nordiques.
He still acts as an “ambassador” for the Montreal Canadians, he operates a helicopter business in Montreal flying executives from the airport to downtown Montreal.

Update June/05: He is still running a business flying helicopters but he now has a Mike’s Submarine franchise in Berthierville some 45 kms from Montreal. (See URL below, french language)
(Update courtesy Marcel Trudel)


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  1. WN says:

    In the matter of lying on the stand in his son’s criminal trial, Guy Lafleur has been found guilty of giving contradictory evidence and is awaiting sentencing.

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