Haircut 100

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Haircut 100 was one of the new wave bands who regularly appeared on MTV in the early 80s when MTV actually used to show music videos.
Fronted by terminally cute Nick Heyward, the band’s signature sound was light, peppy, jangly guitar that offered inoffensive lyrics and a fun, happy-go-lucky ambience characterized by their biggest hit in the US Love Plus One.

Where are they now?

After Heyward left the band to pursue a solo career in 1983, the band hired a new vocalist and promptly went about recording the double platinum album Paint and Paint.
What looked to be a promising start after the loss of their lead singer turned out to be a swan song, instead. They disbanded a year later.

Haircut 100, with Heyward intact, reunited in the early 2000s as part of the VH-1 series Bands Reunited.


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  1. Fishouttawater says:

    Haircut 100 reunited with Nick Heyward for “Let’s Rock The Moor” in Cookham, Berks this past summer. Howard Jones was also on the bill.

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