Harry Anderson

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Harry Anderson was Judge Harry Stone on the popular sitcom Night Court from 1984 to 1992. He then palyed Dave Barry on Dave’s World from 1993 to 1997.

Where are they now?

Anderson left Hollywood for New Orleans where he opened and ran Spade & Archer Curiosities by Appointment which was a magic shop. He reportedly did 55 minute magic shows for $20 000.00 for corporate clients. His story takes a sad turn after hurricane Katrina – he and his wife have left New Orleans after becoming caught up in the post disaster depression.

6 responses to “Harry Anderson”

  1. Kathy Gottfried says:

    I used to be a Firefighter with him in the early 1990’s in WA. state…we did the training at the same time. We share the same month and year of birth. His daughter was in my sons class. the last I heard he was remarried and living in Louisiana. If you see this Harry, look me up on FB

  2. terri panchaud says:

    oh sora haram zada markie post character nu bond pare

  3. bags says:

    Harry Anderson and his wife live in Asheville, NC

  4. FredFerdberger says:

    Recently did a guest appearance on the NBC show 30 Rock. He played Judge Stone to Markie Post’s character in a scene that was supposed to give an official end to Night Court.

  5. worp63 says:

    Appeared with Markie Post and Charles Robinson on Nov. 13th episode of “30 Rock.” Playing self in a “Night Court” reunion.

  6. weht says:

    In 2008, he was living in Asheville, NC.

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