Harvey Stephens

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Played Damien – child antichrist – in the 1976 movie The Omen.
Having no previous acting experience Harvey Stephens was chosen by casting directors looking for a “real” child to play the evil Damien.

Originally a blonde his hair was died black for the role.

Where are they now?

The Omen was Harvey’s one and only experience as an actor. He graduated from college and is now living and working in London.
Harvey recently appeared in a documentary about the filming of the Omen which aired in England in October 2005.


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4 responses to “Harvey Stephens”

  1. Dougdenslowe says:

    He did make another TV film but never followed up his incredible good fortune in the Omen.

  2. Scorp71 says:

    Wow. He turned out to be an incredibly handsome man.

  3. lode geens says:

    Dear, I am convention organiser from Belgium and would like to invite Harvey Stephens as a special guest. Can somebody bring us in contact, or pass our request Mr Stephens? It would be a great help. Thanx, Lode, info at antwerpconvention dot be

  4. Peter says:

    Seen at hungry jacks

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