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Although originally formed as The Army, then White Heart, and finally Heart by the Fisher Brothers Roger and Mike, along with bassist Steve Fossen in the mid-60’s, Heart is most readily identified with the Wilson sisters, vocalist Ann and guitarist Nancy who joined the group in the early 70’s. With hits like Magic Man and Barracuda they did well in the 70’s, and then faded before staging an impressive comeback in the 80’s which saw the multi-million selling self titled LP and Bad Animals releases.

Where are they now?

Ann and Nancy still record and tour and are reportedly very active in Seattle promoting the grass roots music scene there.
They owned a recording studio there called Studio X which included such luminary clients as Alice In Chains and R.E.M.

Nancy married music journalist and movie director Cameron Crowe in 1986.


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  1. Len says:

    I always loved their music

  2. Joyce says:

    In 2009 the Wilson sisters were also awarded ASCAP’s Founders Award in recognition of their 35-year songwriting career.

    Heart has achieved Top 10 albums on the Billboard charts in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and now 2010 with chart singles in each decade. This span of four decades places them among the most commercially enduring hard rock acts of all time.

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