Jan Michael Vincent

Jan Michael Vincent

Real Name: Jan Michael Vincent
Category: Show Biz
Submitted by: Bob Sacamano
Posted Date: 2002-03-12
Last Modified: 2023-05-03

Jan Michael Vincent was quite a rising star, Airwolf 1984 movie and subsequent television series, The Mechanic, opposite Charles Bronson, Buster and Billie, Baby Blue Marine, many more too numerous to mention here

What happened to:

He’s had his problems with drugs and alcohol, he was involved in a car accident in 1996 “resulting in a broken neck” (whose, I do not know), pleaded not guilty to DWI for that accident a year later. Spent 60 days in jail in 2000 for violating probation by being drunk in public.

Arrested July, 2000 for battering his fiancee. The person who originally sent me this one said he was working as a security guard in Texas. Thanks to some due dilligence by readers Steve and Pam Albright, who went so far as to search a Texas database and found the security guard had his birthday March/3/1980 while our JMV seems to have been born July 15/1944. So that is officially considered debunked.

The last thing he appears in is a movie called Whiteboy, directed by Abel Ferrara in 2002, in it he plays a racist sheriff. There is also an official JMV website which is currently inactive.

Update: Mar, 2004: Reader Libby Hess reported some time ago that he is now living in Redwood, Mississippi, where he was admitted to River Region Medical Center in late 2002 and was seen by locals in a wheelchair, accompanied by a woman companion who attracts attention because of her “strange wardrobe”. The locals pretty well leave him alone and wish him well.

Update: Feb, 2019: Jan Michael Vincent died on February 10, 2019 at the age of 74 in Asheville, North Carolina due to a heart attack while hospitalized at Mission Hospital Memorial Campus.

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Jan Michael Vincent