Jay North

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Jay North is best know as the pint-sized,energetic, 7-year-old child actor won the hearts and laughs of millions of TV viewers in the title role of the 1959 series Dennis the Menace which was based on the popular Hank Ketchum comic strip and ran 4 seasons through 1963, making young Jay North one of the most “in-demand” child stars of the early 1960s guesting on TV variety shows and sitcoms.
Jay eventually slid into teen roles in the Maya series and as the voice of Bamm-Bamm on the Flinstones/Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm cartoon shows of the 1970s.

Where are they now?

Jay North sadly followed the by now “predictable” and “typical” path of “has-been” former child stars by becomming a tabloid sample of drugs, bankruptcy & obscurity.

By the 1990s Jay has claimed recovery and a happy marriage(his third).

By 2002 he was reported to be working as a prison guard in Florida.


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12 responses to “Jay North”

  1. alexis says:

    I love him but he got hit by anut and uncle that bade I feel so sorry for him love

  2. Sarah mulligan. says:

    I just love Dennis, it comes on antenna tv, every morning.

  3. Georgianna says:

    Great show: Too bad the programs today don;t convey morals & good humor. You don’t need dirty words or filth to get a laugh. Watching Dennis now great program, but I still like the first Mr. Wilson the best.

  4. Malibu boy says says:

    I always though Mr Wilson was having his way with Dennis in his garage.

  5. Jerika Alleman says:

    Hello, Mr North
    I’m a huge fan of your show my name is jerika alleman i love your show dennis the menance I even love your episode The Chinese girl

  6. Jerry Cavins says:

    There should be some kind of legal protection for child stars to protect their financial assets from greedy friends and relatives.

  7. keith j. walker says:

    I was the one next to you for the part on tv..623-418-7745

  8. John S Stryker says:

    Jay North also served a stint in the US Navy, 1977-1979

  9. Jessie Smith says:

    Simple shows from before the 80’s are the best. My wife has discovered METV’s “Leave It To Beaver” and loves it. (She is 55 and has never seen it.) We watch shows like Daniel Boone, Star Trek, Lucy, etc. Wholesome non-nasty entertainment and many with moral morales.

  10. john e. schafer says:

    i had my picture taken with jay north in the early 60’s at a amusement park in tennesee. I still have the picture.

  11. Jo Mayhall says:

    I hope Jay North reads my comment below:

    I have Dennis the Menace on my T.V. right this minute. I am enjoying it so much, I plan to shop for the DVD to give to my grandchildren for Christmas.

    Jay, I wish you the best in your life.

  12. Johnny Hammond says:

    I am a big fan of the T.V. show “Dennis the Menace” and I have all the videos of Dennis the menace. Its mainly because Jay North brings such good laughter even in this present age thats good and clean. I also am a Actor/Singer. But most of all im a Christian frist and a Pastor of a nondenomanational Church in Hendersonville,Tennesse, so finding something that I like thats also clean so that I can invite my friends/family over to my house to watch with me is not easy to find nowadays. I don’t care at all to hear filthy jokes and things that some people say is funny on t.v. or movie(s). Thats why this show “Dennis the Menace” is something not to be ashamed of when I see it and others see it with me. I see this (once was) T.V. show and laugh so hard I almost fall in the floor. And not only me, but everyone that I have come over to my House to see one of my videos I have of this show the same responce happens. Im so blessed to have Jay North in my home (so to speak) haha…..In the Bible (Proverbs, 17:22) to be exact says that A merry(or cheerful) heart works good like a medicine. And Dennis The Menace for sure brings laughter, cheerfulness, and a good feeling everytime I view it. I want to say in closing…….God bless you, Jay North and all those who worked with you as a team. May the life you live always bring Glory to our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. Truely, J. Hammond.

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