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First male supermodel for Calvin Klein and played JD on Baywatch. Huge success as a male model for many designers in the 1990’s. Famed photographer, John Falocco, was the first to photograph Michael, and those images are now worth a fortune.

Where are they now?

Recently wrote a book about his relationship with Carolyn Bessette, who ended up marrying John F. Kennedy, Jr. Michael has just launched his own men’s underwear line.


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4 responses to “JD”

  1. Mark Daubman, Omaha, NB and Bangkok, Thailand says:

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  2. Hey Big Cock from Los Angeles says:

    Big boy, you gonna look like Big Cogg man down the hood, m’f’er, sheeet,yo go slow then you hit her with the sweet talk she gonna love ya and she gonna gone down on Mr Big Cogg of Los Angeles baby.

  3. 8” Man says:

    Yes, you will look like you’ve got a pair of coconuts hanging low, dude. Why don’t you use mangos? They’ve got that unmistakable look, ya know what I’m sayin? JD, take care of those cantaloupes, for sure. Chic love a big balled dude like you mothafug! Get down my man, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  4. Biggg Kockkkk says:

    How do yo build such *****’n BIG musskells?
    If you use steroids improperly, do they make your ***** grow huge if ya **** off each day? Will I look like I got a sweet potato in my front jeans pocket, huh?

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