Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller

Real Name: Jeremy Miller
Category: SitCom Stars
Submitted by: Weiser
Posted Date: 2013-06-27
Last Modified: 2020-01-14

Miller was cast in a few commercials, then a 1984 guest role in Punky Brewster before landing the role of Ben Seaver, the youngest son on Growing Pains. Miller was supposed to be a part of the cast of the PBS show Ghostwriter. The creator wanted to make him a mentor to the younger Ghostwriter members, but the producers decided it wasn’t a good idea for the show to have an older ghostwriter team member and Miller was not invited back after shooting the pilot.

What happened to:

Since Growing Pains, he has mostly taken a hiatus from acting, although he can be seen in the film Milk and Fashion, in commercials for McDonald’s “Dollar Menunaires” promotion shot as a parody of the VH1 series Best Week Ever and as the star of the 1990 Hanukah episode of Shalom Sesame (an Israeli version of Sesame Street).


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Jeremy Miller