Jim Bakker

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To quote “Jim Bakker began the PTL (Praise The Lord) ministry in Fort Mill, South Carolina back in 1974. Affectionately named Heritage USA, he built the ministry from the ground up, and would eventually have a 500 room luxury hotel, its own cable TV show, an amusement park, and an amphitheater. The PTL claimed in 1987 to have 13 million subscribers and assets of $175 million including Heritage USA, a 2,300-acre Christian theme park theme park, which was home to PTL and his cable show, called the Inspirational Network.” In the late 80’s it all fell apart. A scandal involving Jessica Hahn broke about he same time various improprieties in the business dealings of PTL were being investigated. He wound up being sentenced to a 45 year term in prison.

Where are they now?

He was released in 1994 after serving 5 years. Wifey Tammy Faye divorced him while he was in prison (and married one of his best friends). Today he also (like his ex-wife) lives in Charlotte, NC and has started a new ministry Covenant House and remarried. He has written two books about his past (although I can’t find them on Amazon). Update Apr/2004: He is now working out of Branson Missouri and is now back on TV with the Jim Bakker show. Thanks to Rob Kerns for the update.

10 responses to “Jim Bakker”

  1. Ray says:

    The establishment are such Liars they noses like Pool cues.

  2. Thomas John Collings says:

    Nov, 2018,
    Of all the “Celeb’s”, in HOLLYWOOD, Jason Gould only “SON” of legendary
    BARBRA STREISAND, saw my video,
    The PRAYER
    and gave me the thumbs up!
    I really hope , you all love my work,,,,oxox

  3. Tammy -Faye says:

    Miss you much,,,,xoxo

  4. Mica, really? says:

    How did he get out after a mere 5 years Mica? Because his misappropriated so much cash he could put the entire Midwest through Harvard; and if a Christian Pastor can be so bent, how straight do you think the Magistrate was ? For the love of God, they are still selling us Arabs dropped the Trade Center. Oink oink oink flap flap flap

  5. Mica Brooks says:

    How did he get out in 5 years.

  6. John Collings says:

    X-Singer John Collings was to work with “Roy Callaway”, one of the promoters for country singer Garth Brooks, Roy and i met though another promoter “NKKI”, but i was unhappy with that match , so roy and i were working together, Roy just had lunch w/Garth and in one week i was text Roy was taken to Baptist inNashville,TN. With tubes everywere that was the last time i saw Roy alive. I left and returned to Iowa. I facebooked Garth to let him know about his working friend. My book;Tantalizing Quest 04240, i kept all of Roy’s voicemails, and friends are amazed! I may be a guest on;Amazing Race, we will see!!!

  7. Steve Hislop says:

    Yes, he can be “caught” on either TCT, a Christian TV network or TBS, also a Christian TV network. I’d like to get in touch with him about how to buy and sell time share properties

  8. eric says:

    June ,2006, one of Jim Bakker tells, why he is “NOT” a singer on “The New Jim Bakker Television Show” And why jim Bakker is “STILL” a user and abuser!!!”Tantalizing Quest 04240″,is a book , that uncovers what everyone already thought but was affraid to say out loud. But Collings still presses on. On 3/27/2010, for an NBC Studieo/Auditioned for a tv-show called “Americas Got Talent”,and landed 3rd place!

  9. bruce says:

    While vacationing in Branson, I chose to hear Jim Bakker speak. He has moved out of the local Branson area to Morningside. This is not just a church, but a location like he had at Heritage USA. This is a small community in the making. They have a school for the young and are now building dormitories for the college. See web link, for more information.

    Tammy Faye (Bakker) Messner has passed on July 20, 2007.

  10. Byrd says:

    Jim Bakker and his wife Lori are alive and kicking in Branson Missouri where they have just built a new church and condo development called Morningside. He is back on TV and all is well in Bakker land.

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