Jim Kelly

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“‘Kung Fu Jim’ almost stole the show away from Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon with his hip bad dude ‘tude and flashy martial arts skills. Hollywood took notice, and Kelly was soon starring in his own films. It was the golden age of blaxpoitation, and fans cheered as Kelly took on the mob in Black Belt Jones–probably Kelly’s best film.” –James Hom

Where are they now?

“Kelly took on minor roles here and there, but dropped from public view in the 80’s and 90’s–until zine BaddAzz MoFo tracked him down for an interview (published on the Web by mega-zine Giant Robot). Still as kickin’ fit as ever, Kelly is now seeking a new career as a tennis pro. I’m sure he’s as exciting to watch on the court as he was on the big screen.” –James Hom

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