Joe Millionaire

The tall hunky star of the reality series “Joe Millionaire” whose 15 minutes seem to on the verge of elapsing as we speak. He is currently doing KFC endorsements with Jason Alexander

Where are they now?

It is unlikely he will go back to his day job on the construction site. The half-million he netted from the series will last less than a year, the endorsements will fizzle even sooner.

Best Case scenario: He does something desperate to stay in the limelight (i.e. posing for Playgirl within the next two years would not surprise us) and if he’s lucky he has an unremarkable career in straight-to-video B-movies.

Worst Case scenario: He goes the John Wayne Bobbit route and gets washed out the bottom of the porn industry in a few years.

Update: May 29/03: Listening to Edge102.5 here in Toronto, today reported that in a “Meet Joe Millionaire” contest held in Niagara Falls, the winning was ticket drawn and the prize…unclaimed.


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