John Herbert Frid

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Canadian-born John Herbert Frid served in the Royal Canadian Navy during WWII and later performed with the Royal Academy of Drama in England. A respected Shakespearean actor Frid earned a masters degree in Drama and Directing from Yale University and toured in many dramatic productions throughout Great Britian,Canada, and the USA before becomming a cultural icon in 1967 in his portrayal of vampire Barnabas Collins in the popular daytime drama Dark Shadows which ran from 1966 to 1971. The television series spawned 2 movies and has reran in syndication throughout the 1970s,1980s, and 1990s.

Where are they now?

Although having mixed feelings about the role which made him famous Jonathan has capitalized on his celebrity by appearing in Dark Shadows conventions and devoloped a succesful one-man show touring the world performing lectures,essay readings and characterizations of many of his lesser-known roles often under the cause of theatre and dramatic education. Now retired Jonathan hosts his own website and occasionally lectures in colleges and horror-show conventions.

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  1. David Snyder says:

    Jonathan Frid died in 2012.

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