John Wayne Bobbitt

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The most famous penis in America. His wife cut it off while he was sleeping and threw it out the car window.

Where are they now?

He tried to cash in on his fame by being a stand up comic, a greeter at a brothel and a carnival sideshow freak, but didn’t have much success. He has also appeared on Howard Stern and some Porno movies. Basically, he is a low-life drifter and has been in and out of jail. He recently married Joanna Ferrell, 31. He apparently also has married once before (since Loreena) as Amazon carries a book called This Week I Married John Wayne Bobbitt by some nobody named Dottie Brewer. And, YES, it still works. May 2004: Reader Richard reports “He’s been living in or around Fallon, Nevada. At one time he worked at a steel joist factory there. he’s had problems with the law several times since moving there in the late 90s.”


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4 responses to “John Wayne Bobbitt”

  1. Snapjudyblueeyes says:

    I feel a bit sorry for the guy. I’m curious as to what kind of work he did before the slicing of his manhood. I think any guy that had such a traumatic event happen to him would be pretty screwed up after such a thing. I’ve heard the reason his wife did this to him was repeated cheating on her. Although I feel sorry for the guy in the follow up years, I do hope it will stand as a lesson to any cheater.. beware the wrath of a broken heart!!!

  2. tecton47 says:

    We have to give poor John a break. For a while after the attack by Lorena he was half the man he used to be. It’s important that we not run off half-cocked either and judge him too harshly. You know the old saying, “Spare the rod and spoil the wife.”

  3. CeCe 2008 says:

    I was associated with JWB while living in Las Vegas (2years ago), this is the strangest man I have ever came close to dating. John has horrible speech, you can’t understand a word he says, he rides a bike and often bummed money for bus fare to get back and forth to his job as a “mover”. John needs mental help, he thinks he is a celebrity but believe me he is next to homeless. I tried to be “friends” with him because I felt sorry for him, however, the relationship he has with his “soon to be ex” is sexually sickening…according to their texts that he so liked to share. I feel sorry for any woman that encounters this man.

  4. howard says:

    he now lives in summerlin with tommy loves( a realator in summerlin) father He is on myspace and his uncut videos out again and the others now he wants to be a celebrity fighter and or boxer unknown what he really does myspace he says a mover gives tel number etc is his real name john wayne ?bobbitt? was he really ever in prison?

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