Josh Saviano

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Childhood star, played Paul Joshua Pfeiffer (Kevin’s best friend) in the television series The Wonder Years. He also starred in Camp Cucamonga, How I Spent My Summer and The Wrong Guys

Where are they now?

There is a wide ranging meme among urban legends that childhood star X or Y went on to become Marilyn Manson or a member of the Marilyn Manson band (the same UL variation exists for Wonder Years costar Fred Savage).

It is not true. Josh “majored in Political Science at Yale university (1998) and works now as a paralegal at a New York City law firm (1999). In 2000 Paul worked for an Internet firm and entered Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (August 2000). “


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2 responses to “Josh Saviano”

  1. Xraymarcia says:

    My favorite actor on Wonder Years…I want him to be happy and prospering and loving life…he gave us so much pleasure from watching that show!

  2. unknown says:

    Saviano is a corporate attorney with Morrison Cohen, LLP, in NYC.

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