Judy Carne

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Judy Carne was the swinging,bikini-clad,graffiti-covered British cutie who made the catch-phrase “sock it to me” a household word during the first two seasons of the popular Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. However,during the 1970s Judy’s career slowly crumbled due to her outrageous lifestyle and drug addiction. Ending in a much-sympathized and near-fatal car crash in 1978 which laid poor Judy up in a halo traction for three months and caused her return to her home in England.

Where are they now?

Judy briefly resurfaced in America in 1985. Touring in the talk-show circuit capitalizing on her harrowing drug problem and her disastrous two-year marriage in the early 1960s to Burt Reynolds. Again,however,Judy’s resurgence was cut short by more drug arrests and a brief stint in a tough English women’s reformatory.Since that time she has only appeared occasionally on “Laugh-In” reunions and talk-show spots.


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    Blow me

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    thank you for that song:)

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