Justin Guarini

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Was the runner up on the talent show American Idol he had a flopped feature film with Kelly Clarkson and a CD that sold roughly 100 000 copies.

Where are they now?

His Future looked so bright be heres what went wrong:

RCA cut him and his cd recieved little to no promotion or radio support.

He cut off his curls that the people loved and recognized him for.

Currently he is writing a new cd and is auditioning for movie and t.v. roles. Update December 10/2005: Justin releases new album Stranger Things Have Happened (Update courtesy of Greg Smith)

2 responses to “Justin Guarini”

  1. nancy says:

    He recently has been doing ‘LIL SWEET’ for Dr. Pepper ads, in the last couple years. Good Luck to him, as he deserves more than he’s got since he was the FIRST runner up.

  2. Guy says:

    Every contestant on this stupid show and the offshoots could be listed here.

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