Kamal Ahmed & John G. Brennan

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A couple of guys who parlayed too much spare time and a bunch of crank phone calls into a comedic sensation which culminated in a Grammy Nomination for comedy and a feature length movie in the mid-90’s

Where are they now?

Ahmed left the duo in the late 90’s to pursue filmmaking, in 2000 winning Best Director of a Documentary at the New York International and Independant Film and Video Festival for his debut work Artists of Hell’s Kitchen Also a bassist, Ahmed and his band Sacred Groove Posse composed the musical score for the film God Has A Rap Sheet (which looks pretty interesting). Johnny B has done numerous film and TV appearances, including the voice of Johnny B on The Family Guy and released another Jerky Boys release Stop Staring At Me in 2003.

# Preview Product Price
1 John Wick John Wick $9.99
2 The Equalizer The Equalizer $3.99

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