Kami Cotler

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Kami Cotler was the adorable Elizabeth Walton, which she played in both the 1971 movie The Homecoming: A Christmas Story, and the series ‘The Waltons’.

Where are they now?

Cotler significantly reduced her acting roles for many years while she attended University of California, Berkeley, earning a degree in Social Sciences. Ironically Cotler’s first teaching job took her to a small rural Virginia school in the Blue Ridge Mountains, much like the fictional one she attended on The Waltons. Cotler returned to California in 2001 and took a position teaching 9th grade at Environmental Charter High School. In 2004 Cotler accepted the job as co-director of the Ocean Charter School, a position held until 2007 when she started her own educational consulting business. She currently serves as the founding Principal of Environmental Charter Middle School, an education facility in southern Los Angeles County, California.



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