Kathryn Gannon

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She was a porn star who elicited trading tips from some Wall St. schmuck who gave her inside information to get in her pants. She made about $170,000 USD on the illegal trades she made as a result.

Where are they now?

She fled to her hometown of Vancouver when it all broke loose and then faced extradition. She finally returned to the US, pled guilty and began serving a 3 month jail term in December, 2002.
There was an episode of Law and Order loosely based on her story, she was interviewed for her “celebrity jailbird” insight on the Martha Stewart case, who also faces prison for a similar insider trading transgression.
She apparently goes by the name Kathryn Gilley now.


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4 responses to “Kathryn Gannon”

  1. Joshua says:

    Marilyn, did you do a scene with Jill Kelly in Overtime Volume 74: Battle Of The Blondes? Thanks.

  2. Marilyn STAR says:

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    Breast wishes & Caviar Dreams????Marilyn

  3. kurtkristian says:

    Marylin Star aka Kathryn Gilley aka Kathryn Gannon is now living in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and she is no working as a porn actress and prostitute.
    She advertises on craigslist and on her website
    Ph 778-319-8080

  4. SILKROAD says:

    MAY 2009- Nowadays, she is in Vancouver and based on her website, she provides escort service. There are several reviews about her service on some of the more popular escort review forums.

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