Katie Kreider

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Following the birth of her sextuplets, Kate and ex-husband Jon were given a reality tv show titled, “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. In 2010 after the divorce TLC changed the dynamic of the show by documenting life for Kate as a single mother which was called Kate Plus 8.

Where are they now?

After the cancellation of Kate Plus 8 the only television she has been part of other short interviews was on Celebrity Wife Swap. Without the tv show it looks like it won’t be long until people start asking, “Kate who?”


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  1. Marianna says:

    She and her then husband went to my parent’s old church. Very materialistic. When she was pregnant, the congregation took up donations for baby items and she refused them for being used and not matching. Yea, some baby stuff you can’t take used but beds and toys and furniture are completely fine. she was just a bi***

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