Kylie Minogue

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The first time she showed up on the radar in North America was for covering Do The Loco-motion in 1988.

Where are they now?

Her career remained strong in Europe and Australia, in fact she had something like 10 back-to-back number 1 hits in Australia over the years. She once dated the late Michael Hutchinson (INXS frontman), she did a “no knickers” feature in GQ and was gigging in England in 2000. She appeared on the cover of Vogue (UK edition) in June/01 and attended the premiere of “Moulin Rouge” in L.A in July/01 and stormed back into the North American charts with Can’t Get You Out of My Mind in 2002.

Update May 17/2005 She has been diagnosed with breast cancer.


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2 responses to “Kylie Minogue”

  1. kyliefan says:

    Kylie overcame her battle with Breast Cancer in mid-2006. 2007 saw the release of her highly anticipated comeback album, X.
    Spring 2008, Kylie embarked on her sold-out KylieX2008 tour which traveled to over 35 different countried throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

    Autumn 2009 will see Kylie touring the United States and Canada for the first time in her 22 year career. Kylie is currently working on her 11th studio album.

  2. mook says:

    Kylie Minogue has since recovered from breast cancer and released her lastest album, ‘X’ in 2007 (it received a U.S. release in 2008). She completed her postponed ‘Showgirl Tour’ and is currently touring overseas to promote ‘X’.

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