Lana Turner

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Lana Turner was nicknamed, ‘The Sweater Girl’ because she could “fill” a sweater better than anyone. During World War II, Turner became a popular pin-up girl. Thanks to her popularity with soldiers she starred in films like, ‘Ziegfeld Girl’ (1941),’Honky Tonk’ (1941), and ‘Johnny Eager’ (1942).

Where are they now?

In 1957, Turner’s daughter was accused of murdering Lana Turner’s boyfriend, but it was believed that Turner was the one that killed him. Despite the scandal, she remained a huge star throughout the 1960s. She died at the age of 74 in Los Angeles from throat cancer. Turner has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6241 Hollywood Boulevard.



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  1. Lana Turnips says:

    Does anyone miss the Puns & double entendres Hollywood & the entertainment industry employs in renaming many of these young women?
    A Monroe is an old Celtic term for a large type of twin Mountains. Sweater Turnips, One Direction = Wonder erection, I could go on for quite a long time but will show you all mercy.

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