Lara Jill Miller

Samantha Kanisky, youngest daughter of Chief Cark Kanisky on Gimme A Break (the old show with the late Nell Carter and late Dolph Sweet )

Where are they now?

Lara became a lawyer a number of years ago but left that again in recent years to return to acting including a funy stint as the “fake” director of Amanda Bynes’ Amanda Showon Nickolodeon tv. Lara once rumored to be married and have 2 kids, is actually a 37 year old, childless bacherolette but has a boyfriend .

2 responses to “Lara Jill Miller”

  1. Art from San Bernardino California says Hello Lara says:

    Thank you for all the laughter you have brought to our living rooms. I had the biggest crush on you when I was little. I was so jealous when I watched the episode of gimme a break when you kissed that boy and thought you were pregnant after. Lol I still watch that show. Best wishes and may you shine forever 😉

  2. Lloyd R W says:

    Childless or not, her children are the millions of children that enjoy her entrainment on a daily basis. Not too many parents can boost to that claim. She is a true beauty, inside and out!!!

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