Laurence Tureaud

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After being a bodyguard for the likes of Mohammed Ali, being a military policeman and a role in Rocky, his career culminated in the role of “BA” on televisions A-Team show.

Where are they now?

Was in a short lived series T and T. He was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1995 and has rarely worked since, undergoing daily chemotherapy treatments. More recently he appeared in a 1-800-collect commercial. He beat the lymphoma in 2001 and is back working. In April 2003 he filed suit against Best Buy for illegally using his image in their products. Reportedly starring in Christain-themed movies and is born-again.


The Mr. T Biography

7 responses to “Laurence Tureaud”

  1. Julie Caissie says:

    Id like to no if anybody is willing to give a Teacup Dog for free to a ill person.
    Thank You!

  2. Julie Caissie says:

    GEE, I never heard Mr. T ever talk before It was nice to hear him sing ” Treat Your Mother Right”. Very nice Mr. T.

  3. JOE says:

    He was also the voice of the cop in the animated movie “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”

  4. MRwaterpijp says:

    He was seen in some commercials Snickers and World of Warcraft.

  5. Spamkiller says:

    Mr. T was featured in a commercial promoting the online sensation World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment, inc.

  6. weht says:

    I keep seeing him on weekend mornings as the 2nd banana pitchman flogging the Flavor Wave Cooker. It is very sad to watch.

  7. loudaz says:

    now appearing in snickers chocolate ads in uk

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