Little River Band

Little River Band

Real Name: Glenn Shorock, Beeb Birtles, Graeme Goble
A.k.a: Little River Band
Submitted by: Bob Sacamano
Posted Date: 2004-04-11
Last Modified: 2020-01-13

World wide acclaim as a band with great songs, harmonies and featuring Australia’s pop music icons Glenn Shorock, Beeb Birtles and Graeme Goble. Hits include Help is on its way, Reminiscing, It’s a long way there and Lady.

What happened to: Little River Band

After a bitter breakup many moons ago and some unsuccessful reunions in the 90’s, the band has successfully re-emerged as B.S.G. (Birtles Shorrock Goble). Featuring the 3 main songwriters and singers, B.S.G. were unable to use the name Little River Band as their former ‘on a wage’ lead guitarist bought the rights to the name for a song after their break up.

Instead, they compromised on a new name, put together a red hot band and began the task of reclaiming their rightful place in music history. This writer has seen B.S.G perform and can confirm the original LRB never sounded this good.

The band is now touring the world and has released a must have DVD Live at the Forum recorded in Melbourne, Australia.
Update: A conflicting account Reader Martin Starkie tells us a slightly different story: ‘Little River Band continue to tour the USA each year, usually playing some 100 plus shows. Contrary to information in an earlier contribution, the LRB name was never “bought for a song” and the guitarist who owns it was never “on a wage”.

The current LRB contains the two longest serving members of the band, both of whom were full members during the time that BS&G variously departed. The band continue to excite audiences all over the US with their energy, freshness and professionalism.’

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Little River Band