Louise Lasser

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This little-known star of Broadway, TV & movies of the 60s,and former wife of Woody Allen, rose to worldwide cult status as the ditzy, pigtailed, housewife of the late-night soap-opera phenomenon Mary Hartmen, Mary Hartman in the 1970s. Her portrayal was so strongly identified with her that the public actually failed to recognize any of her other accomplishments. When she left the hit show the end of the second and final season the public assumed that SHE had a nervous breakdown (rather than her character in the show)

Where are they now?

She attempted to rebuild her career by many guest shots in movies and tv shows throughout the 80s but failed to beat-out her image as Mary Hartman” She teaches acting at NYU and has appeared in many foreign productions.


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11 responses to “Louise Lasser”

  1. kim says:

    for pete’s sake.

  2. Louise Lasser is a comic genius. That has expirat says:

    Louise Lasser is a comic genius. That has no expiration date.

  3. kim says:

    well said, mike.

  4. Ray says:

    mike the film critic, obviously

  5. I have to poop. says:

    I really have to ****.

  6. Mike says:

    Imo anybody that would hook up with Woody Allen would have to really strange, because he sure is.

  7. jacky says:

    my wee wee burns. do i have a std?

  8. elijah says:

    Hey, Marty…. did you flush your brain down the toilet? It sounds like you’re a bit dense. Bricks are cottony compared to your intellect. What have you done with YOUR life, you big loser? We can imagine what you’re like in “real life.”

  9. Eddie says:

    Louise is still teaching and will guest star in 2 episodes of the HBO hit show, GIRLS.

  10. marty says:


  11. Ellie says:

    I saw her in an old re-run and thought she was pretty cool. That’s it!
    Ellie in West Jordan UT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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