Lucy Lawless

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Played female conan type in Xena Warrior Princess with aplomb, and still managed to look tasty, even if the occasional camera angle made her look a little butch during fight sequences (a bit too much teeth gnashing I think..)

Where are they now?

Her website mentions her appearance in Eurotrip (2004) where she played Madamme Vendersexxx , and she’s also in the current castlist of Help Is On The Way , on broadway.


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6 responses to “Lucy Lawless”

  1. Joyce says:

    Lucy Lawless now stars in Sparticus Blood and Sand.

  2. weht says:

    living back in new Zealand, starred in series Spartucus in 2010.

  3. XenaFan says:

    She also just starred in Season 1 of:

    Spartacus Blood and Sand (a Starz original).

    It’s a MUST-SEE.

    Also… where you can see a shot of her from Spartacus. This series is NOT for kids.

    I can’t wait til season 2, although a prequel is coming out in January 2011.

  4. onebutkicker says:

    Lucy also appeared in an episode of burn notice. supposedly playing a mom who’s son was taken by his dad, when she was really a hit woman who was just using michael to locate the father so she could kill him.

  5. Shad says:

    Played a Cylon model on re-imagined battlestar series for several seasons.

  6. SnowyKat says:

    Gosh people, where have you been?? Lucy has been playing charater D’Anna Biers on Battlestar Galatica (2005-2009).. She also has had some major guest starring roles on some of the biggest hits on TV, including a recent appearance on CSI:Miami..

    She’s as gorgeous as ever so doubt if she will be a ‘whatever happened to’ for a long time to come..

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