Real Name: Robin Scott
A.k.a: M
Category: One Hit Wonders
Submitted by: Bob Sacamano
Posted Date: 2006-01-29
Last Modified: 2023-05-13

M was the name of a band, but more specifically the band was really revolved around one man named Robin Scott. In 1979, the electronic music revolution got a kick in the pants from this one man band when the imminently listenable single Pop Muzik was released. Along with one of the earliest music videos to really stand out as a forthcoming art form unto itself, the song captured the attention of the world. And then the band disappeared.

What happened to: M

Although it really didn’t. In fact, M released two more albums although neither produced anything even remotely close to a hit. Both those albums reflected Scott’s growing interest ethnic music which resulted in his producing world music in Africa. In case you missed all the M music that isn’t Pop Muzik, Scott released M-The History: Pop Muzik the 25th Anniversary.


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