Margaret O’Brien

Margaret O’Brien

Real Name: Margaret O'Brien
Category: Childhood Stars
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Posted Date: 2004-01-02
Last Modified: 2020-01-11

Born Angela Maxine O’Brien she achieved childhood stardom at age 5 for her role in Journey For Margaret, inspiring her to change to her name to Margaret O’Brien thereafter. She won an academy award for her performance in in 1944 and had numerous other successes culminating in the original The Secret Gardenin 1949. She amassed a personal fortune and retired from show business in 1951.

What happened to:

She never managed to duplicate her childhood success in her adult life but she did numerous TV appearances and worked dinner theatre. She later became a civilian aide for Southern California to Secretary of the Army Clifford Alexander. She co-authored her biography Margaret O’Brien: A Career Chronicle and Biography with Allan R. Ellenberger and Robert Young

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Margaret O’Brien