Margret Ruth Kidder

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Plucky, smoky-voiced, Canadian born brunette made several American films throughout the late 1960s & 1970s before audiences took notice in Brian DePalma’s eerie thriller Sisters in 1973. More roles followed before becomming a household name as the tough & beautiful Lois Lane in the 1978 blockbuster Superman. For the next decade Margot utilized her celebrity in movies and politics. Most notably in the “Superman” sequels and her much-publicized criticism of the Gulf War.

Where are they now?

Margot’s career suffered major set-backs in the 1990s: Injuries sustained in a near-fatal car accident rendered Margot bankrupt and her harrowing escape from mental illnes left Hollywood doubtful of her drawing power. Happily, Margot has returned to stage, screen, and voice-over work and continues to advocate for the treatment of bipolar disorder and mental illnesses.


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